Imagine being a private chef and waking on a drizzly Monday morning and instead of reaching for the usual plastic honey bear to sweeten your morning tea you reach for a jar of Hawaiian Christmas Berry, French Lavender, or Tasmanian Leatherwood honey. Yes, we said leatherwood, and no, Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore.

Welcome to the Gourmet Honey Store, where we are dedicated to bringing you the finest gourmet honey the world has to offer.

We have in stock over 45 different varieties of honey, from the US and abroad, as well as, an excellent selection of over 75 gourmet teas. It is our mission to bring them all under our virtual roof and make them available to tea lovers, honey lovers, or those of you with a taste for the sweet and healthy.

You will discover that honey is not only for tea lovers, but is one of nature's finest and healthiest natural foods. Enjoy the diversity that the world has to offer, and add a little sweetness to your life. We are excited to bring you this vast and diverse selection and hope you return often, as your sweet tooth, and our selection continues to grow.
We have recipes, ideas, a honey glossary and a FAQ page for those that wish to expand their knowledge of honey. We hope that as our selection expands so will your taste and appreciation for the finest nature can provide.

Thank you for stopping by; if there is something that you have come looking for that we do not currently have in our store, please drop our personal chef an e-mail. We are growing and constantly on the look out for new products. Sit back, relax , and find out why we are truly...

"The sweetest spot on the Internet
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What's NEW!!! Over 11 great new products. Sunflower honey from France. Corbezolla honey from Italy. Comb Honey, Royal Jelly & Honey, Manuka Hand Skin Cream, Skin Health creme for skin problems, Nectar Ease with Bee Venom Plus Glucosamine, also in Capsules, as well as a pain relief solution for Pets.
And my personal favorite, Chocolate covered Macadamia Nuts, Honey Roasted and Plain from the land down under, the birthplace of Macadamia nuts. Click on the "What's New" link on the bottom of the page, or click here for the new products,Enjoy!

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We are proud to announce that we have not only added Summer Glow UMF® rated Active Manuka Honey to our line of products (a private chef's favorite!), but that we are also the Exclusive US Agents/Importers of this incredible, healthy honey from the fine Apiaries of SummerGlow in New Zealand.

This Manuka honey has the highest UMF® rating on the market, UMF® 16, and is imported exclusively from New Zealand, and is truly a rare honey.Click here for full product information. and good health!
UMF Active Manuka Honey

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